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Welcome to the home of! Please have a look at our gallery to get an impression of our latest updates!

About Us is run by Lars, Oksana and Katya. We are a group of BDSM enthusiast based in Europe that run the site as a kind of business with pleasure/hobby and have done so since late 2013. We film for the site 4-5 weekends each year at various locations across Europe. During the last couple of years, we have shot in Berlin (Germany), Birmingham (UK), Manchester (UK), Prague (Czech Republic), to mention a few of the locations. Recently, we split our BDSM content into two sites being MercilessDominas for the more pain related stuff and PerfectSinNetwork for the more sexual and humiliation styled genres.

No matter what you do online, you should always stay anonymous. It´s your right, and no government should violate it. At our offices, we protect our online activities with a VPN solution from PrivateInternetAccess, which we have found to be reliable, secure, fair priced and super fast.

At Mercilessdominas we just love Fetlife. It´s the place where we have found a good part of the Mistresses and slaves involved in our movies. Don´t forget to join our Fetlife Group and friend our Fetlife Profile. Best of all, Fetlife is free to use for the community part. Join us!

EroticFemaleDomination is operated by our good friend Gregory, also known as “The Content King”. It´s for a good reason, he got that nickname, as his site is packed with more than 2000 scenes. EroticFemaleDomination offers softer and more sexual domination than you will find here at Mercilessdominas and is definitely worth to checking out!