Become a model


We are always looking for models to take part in production for our different sites!

General info: We mostly shoot in UK (London, Bristol), Germany (Berlin) and Czech Republic (Prague), so in case you want to shoot with us, you should be ready to travel to one of these locations. We could be interested shooting in other cities, if we get the chance. However in general, we only do this if we can share a shoot with a local producer. As very time consuming to setup a shoot in an area, where we have limited contacts.

Currently we are looking for:


  • Mistresses – All ages and sizes. Paid work.
  • Girls for classic lesbian scenes – 18-25 years old and possibly also good looking MILFS´s 40-60 years old. Paid work.
  • Sub girls – All ages and sizes. Paid work.


  • Slaves – All ages and sizes. We mostly need slaves, who are ready to do pain related scenes. Currently we have enough applications for soft scene models (stuff like foot fetish, humiliation and such). In general unpaid. For heavy pain/marking slaves, we can find out about some payment.
  • Boys 18-23 years old for classic sex scenes with mature woman. Paid work.

If you are to take part in any scene with sexual contact a medical test will be required. Size of payment depends on many factors such as experience, name in the industry, age, look and more.

If you are interested taking part in one of our shoot please send an email to, with “Model” in the subject title. Write a little about who you are, if you have taken part in any adult production in the past. Also a little about your limits and favorite practices, specially in the case you want to take part in a BDSM production. Please include a full profile photo (no need of naked photo – just a photo that gives a good impression on your build).

To avoid time wasters, we require one of the following:

  1. That you can prove to have a name in the industry, or
  2. That you have a well known studio, webmaster or person in the industry to vouch for you, or
  3. Be a current member of either or, or
  4. That you pay a €50 deposit that we will refund in full, at your arrival to our shoot – no show, no refund

In case you sign up and cancel last minute or do not show you will be placed on our “no show list”. While everyone else film without paying a fee, we charge £30/€40 for people placed on our “no show list”. Successfully taking part in a shoot will get you removed, so you can shoot with us without a fee in the future (the fee does not apply to persons who paid a deposit, as already lost this)

. We will get back to you as soon as possible after receiving your application!


Become a model for Merciless Dominas production