Become BDSM movie Instructor

Have you ever dreamed about being your own BDSM movie instructor?

Well, now you got the chance! Not only can you write the script for the scene – but you can also guide the Mistress though the scene!

Here are the steps to get going:

  1. Have a look at our live stream section and find a day of streaming with an actor you like;
  2. Write yourself a basic and easy to understand script on how you would like your scene to be;
  3. Send your script to, saying “my script” in the title;
  4. We will forward your script to the Mistress involved in the shoot for a “go” or a “no go” and let you know if your script is accepted;
  5. If your script is accepted, we will send you an invoice for your scene. Make sure to pay the invoice, so that we have received the funds, no later than 48 hours in advance of the shoot;
  6. When it is time for your scene to be filmed you will connect with the Mistress or Mistresses involved in the scene via Wickr Chat. There you can instruct the Mistress´s on the last details, you want the scene to include;
  7. During the filming, you will be able to watch the main camera live and see that all goes as in your imagination. You can interrupt the filming if you think something should be done in another way;
  8. No later than 72 hours after the shoot, we will send you an edited copy of the scene instructed by you.


  • Each scene includes up to a maximum of 30 minutes of actual filming and a total work time (filming + Wickr Chat with Mistress´s on the day) of 60 minutes;
  • Mistress´s has the right to refuse to issue certain forms of punishment. in case this inflicts with their taboos. For this reason, it is important that you mention all main genres involved in your scene when sending your basic script;
  • You will receive a branded copy of the scene, with your instructor name listed in the beginning of the scene. Our logo will be in the right bottom corner of the edited version and we keep the commercial rights for the scene;


All prices are determined by “time price” + “genre price”. You pay only for the most expensive genre included in the scene.

Time Price:

BDSM Instructor Time Price

Genre Price:

BDSM Instructor Genre Price

Extra Mistress in the scene – €50


To order send your script to