Bad Teacher

The girls go really hard at the Bad Teacher scene kicking and trampling him until he is close to a total collapse. Don´t be fooled by the fact that the girls use sneakers and not high heels in this scene. You might know Sweetbaby and Lady Deluxe from trampling scenes on other websites, but this is the first ever trampling scene that Miss Flora have ever made. At the beginning of the scene, Miss Flora is very careful not hurting the “Bad Teacher” too much, but as she watches how Sweetbaby and Lady Deluxe kick and jump on the “Bad Teacher” with full force, she quickly gets taste for the violence. A great and hard trampling scene that you will for sure not miss! Note that the scene is in the German language.

Scene Info

Production Year: 2016

Format: mp4

Length: 15:09 min

Size: 1154 Mb

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