Birthday Punishment

A slave is in for a birthday treat in this new whipping clip with capable and intimidating Scottish Domme Mistress Inka.
In ‘Birthday Punishment’ Mistress Inka wants to give her submissive slave a birthday present. In a rare act of kindness, she lets him choose the tools that she will punish him with. The perhaps unwise slave chooses a menacing bullwhip, a flogger, and a dragontail whip.
As it his 60th birthday, naturally he will receive 60 lashes from each tool. The unusually merciful Mistress Inka tells her slave that if he is unable to take every lash, she will not physically punish him further, but rather she will send him to the cells, where he will be deprived of birthday cake and extra time with this beautiful British domme. Of course, this devoted slave wants nothing more than to please his Mistress, so he persists through every lash, even as it forces him to scream out in pain.
Not yet satisfied, sexy Mistress Inka – dressed casually in a tight blouse and jeans – instructs her slave to worship her feet, demanding 30 kisses on each of her knee high leather boots, while she leaves welts on his buttocks with her thin singletail whip. Eventually, this Goddess is pleased with her slave’s perseverance, and finishes with him so they can eat some earned cake.
Any slave should feel privileged to deliver some boot worship to their Goddess while receiving a good outdoor whipping. You won’t be disappointed with ‘Birthday Punishment’.

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Production Year: 2019

Format: mp4

Length: 13:21 min

Size: 968 Mb

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Mistress Inka

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