I wanna Hear You

Cruel Lilly Love Lotus knows how to make men scream and beg for mercy. She has tied her today’s victim to the cross and starts with ass slapping and scratching because she likes to warm the skin up with these techniques and feel the slave’s undamaged flesh before the session. After this she took floggers and the fun began. The slave’s ass and back became red and warm but she feels that it’s not enough for her. Looks like the slave can take more and she will give him more with a single-tail whip and rough blows and it won’t be Lilly if she won’t pay attention to his balls they also need to be whipped. Because she wants to hear her slave and through the scream hear the pain she is inflicting on him with her whip

Format: mp4

Length: 21:13 min

Size: 1.5 Gb

Mistress(es) in Scene

Lilly Love Lotus

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