Prove Your Words

The Scottish Goddess, Mistress Inka shows sadistic delight in ‘Prove Your Words’, our latest otk spanking and extreme caning female domination clip.
When this slave boasts online that he could withstand more than Mistress Inka’s previous slave, this sadistic dominatrix brings out the delrin canes for a short, sharp corrective punishment. Her first strike to her submissive’s bare bottom splits his skin and makes him bleed, and before long, his entire back side is a bloody mess.
Mistress Inka nicknames this slave ‘the frog’, as he jumps and croaks with every lash of the cane. Blood runs down his legs as his merciless domina shrieks with laughter and joy watching him endure this humiliating punishment.
Not satisfied with simply destroying his boasting slave’s bare bottom, Mistress Inka moves on to cane his feet, adding bastinado to this hard caning session. It is clear that the Mistress is truly enjoying herself, showing the slave where he belongs with some hard caning, and establishing that he certainly cannot prove his words.
This creative and truly sadistic Mistress does not relent until her lowly and pathetic slave is practically begging her to stop, with his mess of blood covering the furniture and floors, matching Mistress Inka’s deep red dungeon walls. She wipes his blood from her canes, and sends him on his way.
If you love sadistic delight and extreme caning, then you won’t be able to get enough of sexy Mistress Inka in ‘Prove Your Words’.

Format: mp4

Length: 11:28 min

Size: 829 Mb

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Mistress Inka

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