Punishment for Laziness

Man is improved with the help of labour. Under the strict guidance of Vivienne, the slaves repair her studio, benefit their Goddess and become better. But apparently someone is too lazy for this. So why, while everyone is working hard upstairs, Simmer doesn’t? His answer clearly does not suit Madame as an excuse. If there is misconduct then punishment should follow. Painful caning should be a lesson for the one who disobeyed his mistress. If this will not work on him, and he will begin to skip work again but still will hope for the attention of the lady, he will receive it. In the form of public flogging and humiliation.

Scene Info

Production Year: 2019

Format: mp4

Length: 06:40 min

Size: 480 Mb

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Mistress(es) in Scene

Goddess Vivienne l’Amour

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