Lady G

Dominant Czech Lady who loves to play and shows to the men where they place is.

Country: Czech Republic
City: Prague 

  • Trampling
  • Corporal punishment
  • Foot/Boot fetish (foot worship, high heels, etc.)
  • Ashtray
  • Face Slapping
  • Strap-On Worship
  • Sissy Slut Training
  • Anal Play
  • Hard Sports
  • Sex


Sex: Does not matter

  • PVC
  • Leather

My photos

My Videos

Lady G Spanks Her Slave

25/1-18 Caning, Spanking F/M

At The Mercy of Lady G

12/10-17 Caning

Merry Christmas 2015

22/12-16 Whipping

No More Money

11/2-16 Whipping

Lady G Dominates Presley

25/3-15 Boot Fetish

Femdom by Lady G

7/6-18 Female Domination

Lady G Trample Her Slave

11/1-18 Trampling

A Dream Come True

4/2-16 Foot Gagging

Lady G Loves Trampling

7/12-17 Trampling

Don’t Cry, Slave

8/6-17 Whipping

Lady G´s Private Slave Spanked

Lady G´s Private Slave Spanked

13/5-16 Spanking F/M

Mistress Hazel

14/1-16 Trampling

Scene Without A Name

11/3-15 Whipping

Lady G’s Sharp Heels

15/3-18 Trampling

Painful Czech Trampling

19/10-17 Trampling

Tickling Heels

5/5-16 Trampling

Crack The Nut

2/12-15 Trampling

Lady G Humiliates Her Slave

11/2-15 Humiliation