Mistress Nikky French

Nikky French – A Mistress and a true sadist from France now living in the UK. Our very own Lady G does an interview with Mistress Nikky, where you will get a good impression of who Nikky French actually is and what she enjoys within BDSM. After the interview Mistress Nikky shows Lady G how she likes to practice her favorite theme CBT – the Mistress Nikky French way. Unfortunately for the slave, when trying to blow out a candle he came to spit at Mistress Nikky (this did not make the scene any softer). Enjoy the sexy Mistress with the French accent.

PS: The download version includes an interview

Scene Info

Production Year: 2015

Format: mp4

Length: 32:10 min

Size: 2.28 Gb

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Mistress Nikky French

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